Hello families-

As you may or may not know, we are holding a community yard sale on Sunday, May 17th from 9-11. This is being organized by the Education Committee to support our school and all proceeds will go towards our fundraising efforts. This is the 3rd fundraiser of the year (artisan fair and Haggadah sale were the other two) and we are hoping to finish up the year with a bang! In order for this event to be successful, we REALLY need help from everybody.

We are looking for volunteers for the following:

+ one volunteer to organize and lead the bake sale part of this event.
+ four volunteers to help sort through donations and price items on Friday morning (May 15th)
+ four volunteers to arrive early on Sunday morning to set up tables and put out items.
+ four volunteers to oversee the yard sale.
+ two volunteers to break down tables and collect unsold items and deliver them to the dump.


It would be GREAT if every family can work on getting donations from anybody and everybody. We can’t have a successful yard sale if we don’t have stuff to sell. All donations should be delivered to the Hebrew Center no later than Friday, May 15th at 4pm and we can start taking donations as early as Wednesday, May13th at 5:30 (when you come to pick up your child form Hebrew School). Donations will be stored in the classrooms. Items that do not sell will be available for pickup Sunday at 11:30 a.m..  Any items remaining will be donated or disposed of.  Please keep in mind, large items will be costly for us to dispose of so if they are not in great shape, please do not donate them.  Please help us spread the word!!  

 Thanks in advance for helping out with this event.
 -Melissa & Jen

See you tomorrow!

I hope you all enjoyed your Seders and have found some tasty matzah recipes.

School as usual tomorrow with a delicious matzah snack.

Remember that service attendance is a requirement in our school. If you are behind in attendance you can make it up through June. This is a vital component of our program.

The Education Committee is holding a community yard sale & bake sale on Sunday May 3rd from 10AM – 2 PM.                  All proceeds will go towards fundraising for our the school. Please hold the date; many volunteers are needed to assure a success.

Finally, spring sports are here. I know these practices & games can cause scheduling conflicts. Please let me know if this is the case for your student so that we anticipate her/his absence and plan accordingly as the absence must be offset with service attendance and homework.


Community Seder Sign Up – Deadline Approaching!

This is a reminder to make your reservations SOON for our Second Night Seder.  It is on Saturday, April 4th at 5:30 pm.
Rabbi Broitman will lead, and there will be lots of participation, especially from the Religious School students, who have already been working on readings, blessings and skits.

The food order must be confirmed by Monday, March 23rd, and we need to know how many people to feed.  (We have no guarantee of Mannah from Heaven, as our ancestors did!)

The reservation form can be found at mvhc.us or register at the office when you drop off or pick up your student tomorrow (or call 508-693-0745).



Ask the Rabbi 3/25 at 4:30PM

While the kids are in school family members are welcome to ask Rabbi Broitman questions about Jewish subjects of interest, including but not limited to Passover preparation and seder customs.

Questions may be submitted in advance, please reply to this post.



Bring food for the food pantry.

Assist someone you see who needs a hand.

Donate to tzedakah.

Host an Oneg or Kiddish.

Visit a friend or relative in need of cheer!

Note exceptionally good looking mitzvah crew on call today visiting our dear Ruth (Harriet Brewer House, VH)

Thanks to Nancy for making this mitzvah happen.

Upcoming NEW 

If your student is planning to attend a Jewish Summer Camp the MVHC can assist with a scholarship! If you are interested in this assistance please contact Ljuba Davis (ljubadavis@gmail.com) no later than March 20th.

Saturday 3/21 at 6:30PM fourth and fifth graders are invited to attend a special Dessert & Havdalah service with Avi & Ljuba. Please RSVP to ljubadavis@gmail.com.

If you are planning to attend the MVHC Seder on Saturday 4/4 please register with the office (508-693-0745) remember our students attend for free!