81 bags delivered! Come on Sunday 5:30PM!

Great job by all delivering our congregation’s donation to the Island Food Pantry. There were 81 bags (frankly, nowhere near past high marks over 125); remember there is a box in the lobby at the Shul and donations of non-perishable products are always needed.

Please join us for Simchat Torah this Sunday at 5:30PM. Without you we may not be able to unroll the Torah! Word has it there will some special food treats to follow!

Join us!

This weekend Rabbinic Intern, Daniel Shaeffer, will be joining us for Shabbat. Please come and make his acquaintance!

Remember Soup in the Sukkah Potluck Dinner next Wednesday 10/19 at 5:30 & Simchat Torah Sunday 10/23 at 5:30.

It is a mitzvah (and fun) to be in the Sukkah; consider having a meal there over the course of the holiday.

Good Shabbos!

Town Sukkah in Cuttyhunk

Yom Kippur & Sukkot

It was wonderful that we had 100% attendance by our school students on Rosh Hashana! Yasher Koach* to their parents!

And tomorrow is Yom Kippur.

In our synagogue it is a custom to wear all white on Yom Kippur, if you’re able to, please do so; also remember not to wear footwear or acccessories made of leather.

Next Wednesday, 10/19, Hebrew school will resume at 3:30 followed by our annual Sukkot celebration dinner, which we call Soup  in the Sukkah. Please bring a vegetarian/dairy (no meat products) soup to share. If you don’t have the time to make soup please let me know and I will assign you an easy thing to bring. 

On Sunday, October 23 at 5:30PM, we will celebrate Simchat Torah. This is a joyous holiday which requires a lot of participation so that we can unroll the Torah; the children love it. As you know, any holiday service attended at our Shul counts towards the students’ service requirement. Please make every effort to attend.

Wishing you all an easy fast tomorrow. 
* Yasher koach (YAH-shehyr KOH-ahkh)

Hebrew. Literally, straight strength. Figuratively, may you have strength, or may your strength be increased. A way of congratulating someone for performing a mitzvah or other good deed. In essence, you are wishing this person the strength to continue doing this good thing, and you are also recognizing the effort that the person put into doing this good thing. It is most commonly used in synagogue, to congratulate someone after he or she has participated in some aspect of the service. Strictly speaking, this is a masculine form. Some people use the feminine form when expressing the same sentiment for a woman, but that is unusual.

This Wednesday!

See you then! 

Remember, there will be a brief parent meeting at 5:30pm sharp (following dismissal from classes).

If you have not submitted your registration forms, please do so immediately! 

Please note that you cannot respond to these emails by replying to the emails; to respond you must can comment on blog post.

First day approaching & more

Please submit your registration forms if you have not already done so. They can be found on the mvhc.us website.

September 14th will be our first day.  Please plan to stay for a brief meeting immediately after dismissal (5:30PM).

Please make every effort to attend the potluck kiddush on Saturday, September 24 when we welcome our new rabbinic intern, Daniel Shaeffer. Kindly bring a potluck dish to share (vegetarian). It would be a wonderful for us all to give him a warm welcome to our community.

Monday October 4 we will be celebrating the first day of Rosh Hashanah. Services will begin at 9:30. We will have  services activities and snacks for all the children starting 10:15AM (but you can leave them with us prior to that start time). I know that this is a public school day, but it is of utmost importance that the children observe this holiday and Yom Kippur (Wednesday 10/12). The observance of these holidays are an integral part of our identity as Jews and it is vital for the students to build this identity.

Wednesday 10/19 Soup in the Sukkah following school! 

Best of luck if you are fishing in the derby!

Religious School Calendar 2016-17/ 5775-76

Religious School Calendar 2016-17/ 5775-76All days are Wednesdays unless otherwise indicated

 9/14 FIRST DAY!

 9/21 school

​​                                ​​Saturday 9/24   Mini-minyan 9:15; Kiddish lunch welcoming Daniel Shaeffer

9/28 school

10/5 day after Rosh Hashana second day (Rabbi off)

                   ​​            Mini-minyan 10/15 9:15AM

10/19 school followed by Soup in Sukkah

                             Sunday 10/23 5:30PM Simchat Torah Celebration

                            ​​Monday 10/24 9AM Shmini Atzeret/Yizkor service

 10/26 school

 11/2 school

 11/9 school

                             Saturday November 12th Bar Mitzvah of Sam Meisel

 11/16 school

                             Saturday ​​11/19 9:15AM Mini-minyan

 11/30 school

 12/7 school

 12/14 school

                               Saturday 12/17 9:15AM Mini-minyan

 12/21  SCHOOL

                                ​​​Channukah first candle 12/24

              ​​​                  Sunday 12/25 evening community Channukah celebration


 1/4 school

                                ​​​Saturday 1/7 9:15AM Mini-minyan

1/11 school

                               Saturday 1/14 Katie Goldsmith Bat Mitzvah

 1/18 school

 1/25 school 

                               ​​​Saturday 1/28 Bill Gamson Bar Mitzvah

 2/1 school

 2/8 school 

                               ​​​Friday 2/10 Tu B’Shvat Seder Potluck Dinner

                               ​​​Saturday 2/11 9:15 AM Mini-minyan

2/15 school
2/22 school

 3/8 school

                      ​​​         Saturday 3/11 9:15AM Mini-minyan

                               ​​​Sunday 3/12 morning Purim Carnival and celebration

 3/15 school

 3/22 school

 3/29 school

 4/5 school

                                Saturday 4/8 Mini-minyan

                               ​​​Monday 4/10First Seder

                              ​​​Tuesday 4/11 Community Seder

                              ​​​Sunday 4/23 Yom HaShoah

4/26 school

​​​                             Monday 5/1 Yom Hatzmaut

 5/3​​ school

                              Saturday  ​​​5/6 9:15AM Mini-minyan

 5/10 school

                                 ​​​Sunday 5/14 Lag B’Omer

 5/17 Final Class

                                    Friday 5/19 5:30PM Final Community Dinner

 ​​​                                    Saturday 6/10 Bat Mitzvah of Ali Marcus