Shabbat Noach – Important date change

Molly & Eric Glasgow have graciously agreed to hold a Shabbat service & potluck kiddish luncheon on Saturday 10/17 at 10AM at the extraordinary Grey Barn Farm. This year the setting will be amidst the fields and farm animals. Do not bring your pets this time. There will not be a potluck on Friday 10/16.

But do bring a vegetarian potluck dish to share!  

Volunteers are needed for this service. Please respond to this post.

Remember this coming Sunday 10/4 at at 5:30PM will be our SIMCHAT TORAH CELEBRATION! We need you to celebrate & help unroll the Torah!  Live music! Kids love this holiday.

Thanks to all who made our first day of school fun & memorable.


Yom Kippur & Sukkot

Tomorrow night at 6:15PM Kol Nidre Services

Wednesday 9/23 at 9:30AM Yom Kippur Morning Service. Please remember our custom of wearing white on the Day of Atonement. Children service & more starting at 10:15AM. All children are welcome to join us in the classrooms at 9:25AM. If you have seashells, driftwood, or other natural/recycled items you can bring for Sukkah decorations kindly do so.

Sunday 9/27AM Orientation 9:30AM sharp

Wednesday 9/30 Finally! First day of school! Soup in the Sukkah to follow dismissal. Please let me know what you are bringing. 


Orientation, Registration & More


Best wishes for a great coming school year to all!

If you are able to please collect some seashells & driftwood for sukkah decorating.

Kindly send in your school registration. We need to order books & materials and assist with scholarships; none of this can be done prior to registration.

Rosh Hashana Day 1: Monday 9/14 – kids services & more starting 10AM. Please have your students dress appropriately. 

Yom Kippur Wednesday 9/23 – kids services & more starting 10AM. Please participate in our Shul custom of wearing all white.

Sunday 9/27 9:30 AM School Orientation grades 3-7. Each student must be represented.

Wednesday 9/30 3:30pm First day of Hebrew School followed by Soup in the Sukkah

 Please bring a vegetarian soup or salad to share.  Kindly let me know what you are bringing or if you want an easy assignment.

Wednesday 10/7 3:30pm students will be bringing donated food to the food pantry. Volunteers needed.

Religious School Registration

Religious School registration for the upcoming year 5775-5776 / 2015-2026 has begun.

Please access the form (below) & return as indicated at your earliest convenience.

The form can be found at the following link:

Or it is reproduced below:

Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center – P.O. Box 692 Vineyard Haven, MA 02568

School Application 2015-16

Child’s Name _________________________________

Date of birth __________________________

Hebrew name: ______________________________

Parent(s) names: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Gender: _________

Parent mailing address: _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Parent phone # _______________________________________________

Cell #_______________________________________________________

Email: ______________________________________________________

Returning student? Y/N

Secular school as of September 2015 _____________ School grade: _________________

If parents/guardian live apart to whom should we send mail & email?


Does your child have any special learning needs (e.g.) ADD, ADHD, speech, language or hearing issues; dyslexia; developmental delays? If yes, please explain

(remember this documents is confidential) ___________________________________________________________________________________

Does your child have an IEP? ___________________________________________________

Please provide additional information about your child that you would like the staff and teachers to know (e.g. temperament, strengths, friendships, learning style):


Does your child have any medical conditions, or emotional or familial issues or concerns of which we should be aware? Please include allergies to medication, food or the environment.


Does your child use any of the following:

Epipen or oral medication for hives or allergies Y/N, Asthma inhaler Y/N, Diabetes medication Y/N, Other _______________________________________

Child’s physician and telephone number: ______________________________________________________________________

In case of emergency if the parent is not able to be contacted the following person is to be notified, provide name and telephone # and relationship: __________________________

Emergency contact person #2: _____________________________________________________

Parent Permission to seek treatment: I hereby give my permission to the MVHC Director or staff member in charge to take whatever steps may be necessary to obtain

emergency medical care for my child, if warranted

Signature: ______________________________

Parent Medical Treatment Release: In the event that I am unable to be contacted and emergency treatment is found to be necessary, I hereby authorize a physician, or such assistant as may be selected by him/her, to render temporary medical treatment to my child. I understand that I will be responsible for any related expenses. I further agree to release MVHC and its employees, officers and agents from any and all claims,

liabilities and damages arising out of such medical treatment

Signature _______________________________

Photographic/Video Release Y/N

Students are expected to maintain appropriate behavior and decorum during instructional time and Shabbat services. Please help us by discussing proper synagogue behavior with your children.

In order to show respect for our synagogue please dress appropriately during Shabbat services. No jeans, please.

I hereby grant MVHC Religious School permission for my child to participate in field trips Y/N

Please provide name of health insurance company and policy #: _____________________________________________________________________________________

I know that as a part of the registration of my child in the MVHC Religious School my child must attend services at the synagogue as required by the school handbook (7th graders three times per month,

two on Shabbat morning; 5th and 6th graders two times per month, 3rd and 4th graders once per month)

Signature: _________________________________

I am aware that the attendance policy permits a maximum of three unexcused absences

Signature: ________________________________

Tuition & Fee Schedule 2015-2016:

 1st student $600.00 plus $30 snack fee

 2nd student $500.00 plus $30 snack fee

 Grades 4-6 $20.00 materials fee