The New School Year Needs You!

If you have not done so please return the registration forms at your earliest convenience.

Parent Volunteer Dates 2014-15 – let me know what you can do – we need your help…

Friday 9/5/14 Dinner need 2 volunteers

Wednesday 10/8/14 Soup in the Sukkah need 4 volunteers

Friday 10/17/14 Simchat Torah need 3 volunteers

Friday 11/7/14 student led service need 3 volunteers

Friday 12/19/14 Hannukah party need 4 volunteers

Saturday 1/10/15 Chili Contest Havdalah need 2 volunteers

Friday 2/13/15 student led service Asian potluck need 3 volunteers

Friday 3/13/15 Shabbat dinner need 4 volunteers

Friday 5/15/15 Final potluck need 3 volunteers

There is still time to add a Jewish themed book to your summer reading.


Proud of Our Shul

While the weather is spectacular we each have the August Vineyard exhaustion cloud overhead (accompanied now by helicopters).
But looking at the happenings over past few days at our shul it is cloudless & inspirational.
Please look at the MVHC website and come to the activities!
Because you may have missed:
The Calling All Kids Beach service last weekend. How lucky we are that it is a an annual occurrence for us. Speaking with some of the visitors they were inspired by our unique service. Come to the next beach service, there are not many are left to celebrate this summer.
This past Friday night was a service featuring the music of Di Salamone Rossi Hebreo, it was incredible!
For a small sample, not doing justice to what we experienced:

This past Shabbat we hosted a renown and fascinating scholar, Arnold Eisen, Chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary and Sociologist (with a five star kiddish luncheon).
Next week? Even more:
Play reading Monday at 7:30
Panel which CNN wishes they could book this coming Tuesday 7:30pm (you saw it on the blast).
Next Friday 8/15 at 6pm beach service (Jabberwocky beach, OB)

We are so fortunate to be members of an organization with such quality guests & programs. Beyond which is our true fortune, that of our community. Thanks to all of the staff and volunteers who make these events so provocative & memorable.

Friday 9/5 at 6pm Welcome Back to School Potluck. Vegetarian/dairy.
Bring something from your garden (or the store). Let me know what you plan to bring or if you wish something (easy) will be assigned to you.

If you have not done so please return your registration documents. This will help us with the process of awarding scholarships.



A day of rest, Shabbat. Oy, do we need it as we enter August (need I say more?)
Please bring the kids this Friday, Jabberwocky entrance, State Beach, Oak Bluffs (look for the blue & white balloons). Prayer, community, surprises.

Remember to have your student read a Jewish themed book this summer.

Watching the calendar: Friday 9/5 at 6pm Welcome Back Potluck. Please make every effort to attend.

Pray for peace.


Parents of Children Ages 3-7 Please respond

Kindly respond to this post if your children are ages 3-7
All responses are confidential & will not be posted.
We need this information:
Do you have children who attend Tot Shabbat? (Ages 3-7)
If so gender & age…
How often would you like the group to meet?
Would you prefer meeting Friday evenings or Saturday mornings?
Are there any specific Adult Education topics of interest to you?

A bissel humor, G-d knows we need it!
A woman goes to the post office to buy stamps for her Chanukah cards. She says to the clerk “May I have 50 Chanukah stamps please.” “What denomination?” says the clerk.
The woman says “Oy vey … my God, has it come to this? Okay, give me six orthodox, twelve conservative and thirty-two reform”

Please remember to attend our Third Annual Calling All Kids Beach Service Friday 8/2 6PM! Jabberwocky Beach, OB

Please pray for peace. Our students all know the prayer:


Summer Reading

Below are some suggestions for summer reading for your student:

Grade 4:

Ellis Island: An Interactive History Adventure by Michael Burgan
(Capstone Press)

Grades 4-5:

The War Within: A Novel of the Civil War by Carol Matas

Grades 5 – 7

The Star and the Sword by Pamela Melnikoff (Jewish Publication Society)

The following is a popular graphic novel series:

Grades 4 – 7

Rabbi Harvey Rides Again by Steve Sheinkin
The Adventures of Rabbi Harvey
Rabbi Harvey vs. The Wisdom Kid

Grade 4:

A Rebecca Mystery: The Crystal Ball (American Girl)

Grades 6 – 7

What Happened to Heather Hopkowitz? by Charlotte Herman
(Jewish Publication Society)

Cry of the Giraffe (based on a true story) by Judie Oron
(Annick Press)

Also check out the Jewish Publication Society website.

Please encourage them to read some Jewish themed books this summer (we are the people of the book). As previously mentioned prizes to be awarded to summer readers!


Shoutout! Join us…

Great job by our dear Lollie yesterday! MAZEL TOV!
We all so excited to celebrate with Leah Isabelle and her family next Shabbos (10AM start).

Summer Shabbat service start times: beginning 7/4 Friday start time at 6PM, beginning Saturday 7/5 start time at 9:30AM


All of our wonderful beach services are at the Camp Jabberwocky Beach, State Beach, Oak Bluffs.

Friday 7/11 6PM Beach Service
Sunday 7/13 10AM MVHC Annual Meeting & Breakfast. If you are unable to attend please send in a proxy
Friday 7/25 6PM Beach Service
Friday 8/1 6PM 3rd Annual Calling All Kids Beach Service
Friday 9/5 at 6PM School Welcome back potluck Shabbat & celebration of birthdays

Looking ahead: School Registration forms will be distributed later this month. Kindly complete and return them as soon as you are able.

Remember to bring your chair to the beach!

Please encourage your student to read a book (or books) of Jewish interest this summer. Many wonderful books are available at our synagogue library, or ask for a recommendation (just respond to this post).

Shalom! שלום!


Shavuot is the Hebrew word for “weeks” and refers to the Jewish festival marking the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, which occurs seven weeks after Passover. Shavuot, like many other Jewish holidays, began as an ancient agricultural festival that marked the end of the spring barley harvest and the beginning of the summer wheat harvest. In ancient times, Shavuot was a pilgrimage festival during which Israelites brought crop offerings to the Temple in Jerusalem. Today, it is a celebration of Torah, education, and actively choosing to participate in Jewish life.

MVHC Shavuot Schedule:

Shavuot study session Tuesday 6/3 from 7PM-9PM. A traditional feast of blintzes and cheesecake will be served. (Teens & over)

Shavout morning service & Yizkor Service Wednesday 6/4 9AM-10:15AM